The past 5 days
Data and analyses
Fire Salamander 2023
Water Rail 23-24
European Golden Plover 23-24
Common Crane 2023
White-headed Long-tailed Tit (ssp. caudatus) 23-24
Northern Lapwing 23-24
Bohemian Waxwing 23-24
Mealy Redpoll (C.f.flammea) 23-24
Corvus monedula monedula 23-24
Rock Bunting 23-24
Great Grey Shrike 23-24
Brambling 23-24
Wallcreeper 23-24
Garden Dormouse 22-23
Edible Dormouse 22-23
European Beaver 2023
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Need help ?

Do you need help? Please find below the index of Help & Tutorials pages.

How to create an account and define your own parameters ?

https://cdnfiles1.biolovision.net/www.faune-france.org/userfiles/indextutos/note.png Clic here to create an acount in Faune-France: than you will be able to share your sightings with others and to explore what species live around you or elsewhere.

https://cdnfiles1.biolovision.net/www.faune-france.org/userfiles/indextutos/paramtre.png Clic here to parameter Faune-France according to what you need.

https://cdnfiles1.biolovision.net/www.faune-france.org/userfiles/indextutos/jumelles.png Do you want to learn more about the best way to record your sightings? Please clic here.

https://cdnfiles1.biolovision.net/www.faune-france.org/userfiles/indextutos/computer.png Recording your sightings in Faune-France

https://cdnfiles1.biolovision.net/www.faune-france.org/userfiles/indextutos/computer.pnghttps://cdnfiles1.biolovision.net/www.faune-france.org/userfiles/indextutos/liste-terrain.png Clic here to record your sightings in a list. Fill a form with all the species you have identified in the same place in a more thant 4 minutes session.

https://cdnfiles1.biolovision.net/www.faune-france.org/userfiles/indextutos/computer.pnghttps://cdnfiles1.biolovision.net/www.faune-france.org/userfiles/indextutos/pointage.png Clic here to record casual sightings (not a list of species). You just want to record some sightings and not all what you have seen.


https://cdnfiles1.biolovision.net/www.faune-france.org/userfiles/indextutos/smartphon.png Record your sightings with NaturaList (mobile app) 

With NaturaList you can record your sightings directly in the field.

 https://cdnfiles1.biolovision.net/www.faune-france.org/userfiles/indextutos/smartphon.pnghttps://cdnfiles1.biolovision.net/www.faune-france.org/userfiles/indextutos/liste-terrain.png Clic here to learn how to record a complete list in live directly in the field with precise location of each sighting. A complete list is a list with all the species you have seen in a particuliar place in more than a 4 minutes session. It can be in a spot or along a transect (in that case please clic "Record your track"). RECOMMANDED BY FAUNE-FRANCE.

 https://cdnfiles1.biolovision.net/www.faune-france.org/userfiles/indextutos/smartphon.pnghttps://cdnfiles1.biolovision.net/www.faune-france.org/userfiles/indextutos/pointage.png Clic here to learn how to record casual records in NaturaList.

Not time to record your sightings with NaturaList directly in the field ? No stress! You can record them later.

 https://cdnfiles1.biolovision.net/www.faune-france.org/userfiles/indextutos/history-clock-button.pnghttps://cdnfiles1.biolovision.net/www.faune-france.org/userfiles/indextutos/smartphon.pnghttps://cdnfiles1.biolovision.net/www.faune-france.org/userfiles/indextutos/liste-terrain.pngClic here to learn how to record yours sightings in a list later (or live in an aggregated list). Recording your sightings in this way means that you watched wildlife in the same spot during a more than 4 minutes.

 https://cdnfiles1.biolovision.net/www.faune-france.org/userfiles/indextutos/history-clock-button.pnghttps://cdnfiles1.biolovision.net/www.faune-france.org/userfiles/indextutos/smartphon.pnghttps://cdnfiles1.biolovision.net/www.faune-france.org/userfiles/indextutos/pointage.png Clic here to record casual sightings later in NaturaList in case you have changed of spot or only want to record few species.

Written by Valentin Guirous, 01/03/2018

updated by PhJo, 03/08/2020

Project carried out by LPO France, in collaboration with a network of partner associations.